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A Thought For Us All

‘How to Walk into Church’ by Tony Payne

How to walk into church is a short book of 64 pages, big writing too making it easily read, but delivers a very powerful message of what is church , why do… Continue reading

A Spiritual Check-up

This is an adaptation of William E. Sangster’s 1952 Westminster Pamphlet, devised as an aid in the spiritual equivalent of a medical check-up. I have changed some of the wording and the order of the sections, but the emphasis remains… Continue reading

Fri 18th Prayer room starts!

We are setting up our prayer room in the small hall to start with a dedication on Friday 18th Jan. at 8.00pm.

There will be a list on the door for you to fill in your slots as it suits… Continue reading

Membership Classes Reminder

A reminder to those who are attending the Membership Class:

18th April 2012 is the date,

8.00pm the time and

the Church is the place!

Uganda – Fields of Life; Hope Builder’s Trip 2012

Norman and Romayne Thompson were part of a team of 48 people from other churches and were away between 18th January and 5th February 2012. The team set off from Glengall Street Bus Station by coach.

They flew from Dublin to Amsterdam, on to Entebbe and then Kampala, staying a night there. The next day the team travelled by truck to Nakansongola High School where work started immediately!

Continue reading

Pastoral visits


Geordie would like to form a team of church visitors in early 2012 – is this something you would like to be involved with. Contact: Geordie.