Welcome to Galstry Church


A prayer for us to pray this Christmas:
Lord Jesus Christ, we remember today that though your people longed for your coming, many were not prepared to welcome you, failing to recognise you when you came.

Forgive us that we… Continue reading

Pastoral Information 2018

Our pastoral team is here to help.

Please contact us by either;

1. Filling in your name and number on a request slip found in the wooden box to the left in the church porch


2. Contacting Pastoral Co-ordinator… Continue reading

A Thought For Us All

‘How to Walk into Church’ by Tony Payne

How to walk into church is a short book of 64 pages, big writing too making it easily read, but delivers a very powerful message of what is church , why do… Continue reading

A Spiritual Check-up

This is an adaptation of William E. Sangster’s 1952 Westminster Pamphlet, devised as an aid in the spiritual equivalent of a medical check-up. I have changed some of the wording and the order of the sections, but the emphasis remains… Continue reading