Welcome to Galstry Church

Pastoral Information 2018

Our pastoral team is here to help.

Please contact us by either;

1. Filling in your name and number on a request slip found in the wooden box to the left in the church porch


2. Contacting Pastoral Co-ordinator… Continue reading

A prayer for south Asia and Myanmar

We pray for all whose lives
have been touched by tragedy,
whether by accident
or a deliberate act.
For those who mourn,
immerse them in your love
and lead them through this darkness
into your arms, and light.
For those… Continue reading

Weekly Meetings starting up!

Weekly Church Activities will be starting up on the following dates:

Prayer meeting: Tuesday 5th at 8.00pm in McCormack Hall

Craft Group: Wednesday 6th at 7.30pm in McCormack Hall( fortnightly)

Men’s Fellowship: Wednesday 13th 8.00pm in Vestry

Thursday House Group:… Continue reading

September Bulletin

September 2017

3rd September
Rev Jordan Litchfield, Sunday school prize giving
Ritchie & Miyung Brown

10th September
Rev Jordan Litchfield-communion
Mrs Mary Mulligan

17th September
Ability Sunday – Annika McKillen
Youth Service – Rev… Continue reading

Prayer for today

Keep us safe in your arms, O Lord, that we may have nothing to fear. Let us rely on you in all things that nothing may impede our salvation. Let us love and serve you always, that at your bidding… Continue reading