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September Bulletin 2018

September 2018

2nd Sept.
Morning 11.30am – Sunday School Prize Giving Alyson Eccles
Eve 6.45pm – Rev Jordan Litchfield

9th Sept.
Morning – Rev Jordan Litchfield
Eve – Local Preacher

16th Sept.
Morning – Ability Sunday – Annika McKillen
Eve… Continue reading

August 2018 Bulletin

Minister: Rev Jordan Litchfield – The Manse, 20 Victoria Road, Glastry.
Tel: 02842 738210 & Mobile: 07503038408. Society Steward Mr Errol McMaster 02842 772952

August 2018

5th Aug.
Morning 11.30am – Rev David Cooper – Communion
Eve 6.45pm – Mary… Continue reading

Pastoral Information 2018

Our pastoral team is here to help.

Please contact us by either;

1. Filling in your name and number on a request slip found in the wooden box to the left in the church porch


2. Contacting Pastoral Co-ordinator… Continue reading


Portaferry Gala Week

14th – 20th open hour every day except Sunday in the Methodist Church from 11.00am to 12.00pm.

Sunday 15th Sing Praise at 5.00pm in St Cooeys

Prayer & quiet room every day form 12.30pm to 4.30pm just off the Square

July 2018 Bulletin

1st July 2018

Morning 11.30am – Rev Litchfield – Communion
Eve 6.45pm – Rev Litchfield

**Communion is first Sunday in the month**

8th July
Morning – Mrs Maureen Edmondson
Eve – Summer Sing Manse Garden

15th July
Morning – Rev… Continue reading

CAMEO 18th June 2018 at 8pm

Cameo eve Praise and dessert at Paul and Sylvia’s house! Speak to Sylvia or Julie Hammond.

June 2018 Bulletin

3rd June 2018

Morning 11.30am – Rev Litchfield
Eve 6.45pm – Cafe Church

**Communion is first Sunday in the month**

10th June
Morning – Paul Clarke
Eve – Rev Litchfield

17th June
Morning – Rev Litchfield
Eve – Bob Sherriff… Continue reading

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