Live -streamed Sunday Service: Opportunity and Welcome

We may in order to stay safe and heed important health & safety advice change HOW we praise but rest assured, never THAT we praise!

Sunday’s live-streamed service commences at 11am.

There are two ways to participate.

What do I need?
Any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the Internet and has a speaker (i.e., can make sound)
Download Zoom
Suggestion – watch this short video: Joining Zoom.
Download Zoom by clicking here:
Follow the instructions
The next two steps can be completed on Sunday mornings:
At some point you will need to fill in the “Meeting ID” – it will be the same every week: 384 632 9833
After you click “Join” Zoom will send a notification to me that you are ready to join the session. Assuming it’s not too early before actual start time, Jordan will accept your invitation.

You might find it worthwhile to check you speakers ahead of time to make sure you will be able to hear.

What do I need?
Any mobile or landline telephone will work
A short time before 11am on Sundays, phone one of the following two numbers:
02034 815240
01314 601196
You will then be asked to enter the Meeting ID using the phone’s keypad and then press #
Meeting ID: 384 632 9833
Then just wait and Jordan will be notified that you are ready to join and will accept your call
The numbers to phone and the Meeting ID will be the same every week

We suggest that if you are going to access this through the Internet that you try downloading Zoom before Sunday. That way if you have any questions or difficulties it will give you time to 1) figure it out on your own, 2) ask someone who is reasonably tech savvy, or 3) phone Jordan who will be very happy to help.

Just remember, new things can sometimes seem a little daunting, but we believe that this will be worth the effort. Please don’t try and then give up when you encounter difficulties! ? Please phone and we will figure it out.

Glastry Methodist Church