October Bulletin 2019

Minister: Rev Jordan Litchfield Tel: 02842 738210 & Mobile: 07503038408.
Society Steward Mr Errol McMaster 02842 772952.
Pastoral Coordinator Annika McKillen 07592 449217

6th October2019
Morning 11.30am – Rev Jordan Litchfield
Evening 6.45pm – Mrs Maureen Edmondson

13th October 2019
Morning – Harvest Rev Dr Janet Unsworth
Evening – Harvest Rev Dr Janet Unsworth

20th October 2019
Morning – Mrs Annika McKillen
Evening – Rev Jordan Litchfield

27th October 2019
Morning – Rev Sam Guffin
Evening – Mr Paul Clarke

**Communion is the second Sunday in the month**
Last Sunday in the month please support Ritchie & Miyung**

Time of prayer every Sunday morning from 11.00am to 11.20am in McCormack Hall
The prayer request folder is in the porch for any specific items for prayer

Weekly Church activities
Tuesday 8.00pm Prayer Meeting in McCormack Hall
Wednesday Fortnightly Craft Group at 7.30pm in the McCormack Hall
Wednesday Weekly Men’s Fellowship at 8.00pm in vestry
Thursday Bowls; further details will be announced in due course
Thursday Portavogie House Group at 8.00pm in the home of Denis & Carol Gilmore
Friday Fortnightly Lighthouse Group in the home of Jim & Miriam Bell Cloughey at 11.00am
Friday CE at 7.00pm

*** Help needed for pre harvest clean up around the church and halls on Saturday 12th at 10.00am***

Harvest Supper Service will be at 7.30pm on Saturday 12th October. The Salvation Army will be taking the service and supper will be provided afterwards. Come along and invite your friends.

Bulletin/announcements to Alyson Eccles, alyson.eccles@btinternet.com. 07803781330