October 2018 Bulletin

Minister: Rev Jordan Litchfield – The Manse, 20 Victoria Road, Glastry. Tel: 02842 738210.
Mobile: 07503038408

​​​​​​October 2018

Morning 11.30am
Rev Jordan Litchfield – communion
Evening 6.45pm
Doug Edmondson

Geoffrey Robinson Harvest Service
Rev Neil Stewart Trinity Presbyterian Greyabbey

Morning and evening
Rev Jordan Litchfield

Rev Jordan Litchfield
Bob Sherriff
Communion is first Sunday in the month**
Last Sunday in the month please support Ritchie & Miyung**

Time of prayer every Sunday morning from 11.00am to 11.20am in McCormack Hall
The prayer request folder is in the porch for any specific items for prayer

13th October 2018
Harvest Supper Praise night 8.00pm, Supper in hall afterwards

Help appreciated to decorate the church for Harvest on Saturday morning 13th October. Also help to distribute the harvest fayre to our older congregation members

Weekly Church activities
Tuesday -8.00pm Prayer Meeting
Wednesday -8.00pm Men’s Bible Study
Wednesday – Craft Group fortnightly at 7.30pm
Thursday – 7.30pm Bowls
Friday – 7.00pm CE
Friday – Lighthouse Group in home of Jim & Miriam Bell Cloughey at 11.00am

Cameo starts again Monday 8th October at 8.00pm. Margaret McGuckin founder of SAVIA Survivors and Victims of institutional abuse will share how God has changed her life. All ladies welcome to come along to the home of Mark & Julie Hammond .

Items for bulletin/announcements to Alyson Eccles, alyson.eccles@btinternet.com. 07803781330