July 2018 Bulletin

1st July 2018

Morning 11.30am – Rev Litchfield – Communion
Eve 6.45pm – Rev Litchfield

**Communion is first Sunday in the month**

8th July
Morning – Mrs Maureen Edmondson
Eve – Summer Sing Manse Garden

15th July
Morning – Rev Litchfield
Eve – Sing Praise Portaferry 5.00pm

22nd July
Morning – Rev Litchfield
Eve – Rev Litchfield

29th July 2018
Morning – Mr Doug Edmondson
Eve – Mrs Dorothy Cranston

Last Sunday in the month please support Ritchie & Miyung**

Time of prayer every Sunday morning from 1.00am to 11.20am in MacCormick Hall

Weekly Church activities
Tuesday 8.00pm Prayer Meeting up to and including until 10th July,
(will resume 31st July).

Items for bulletin/announcements to Alyson Eccles, alyson.eccles@btinternet.com. 07803781330