Uganda – Fields of Life; Hope Builder’s Trip 2012

Norman and Romayne Thompson were part of a team of 48 people from other churches and were away between 18th January and 5th February 2012. The team set off from Glengall Street Bus Station by coach.

They flew from Dublin to Amsterdam, on to Entebbe and then Kampala, staying a night there. The next day the team travelled by truck to Nakansongola High School where work started immediately!

Would he go again: YES!

Mission: To build and to Witness so that many would come to faith in the Lord  Jesus!

The team erected three buildings, amongst other a Dormitory Building of 150 x 40 ft. A Global Steel building was made a Church; well they were thinking a garage or store first but quickly saw the potential! Norman worked with the building. He and Romayne also painted a lot of the woodwork.

Norman and a friend.

Roger Annett from Kilkeel runs the New Beginnings Orphanage and searches the streets of Kampala at night in his Jeep to rescue as many children as he can. These children have endured unspeakable atrocities and are also left in that terrible void that AIDS has created where a generation of parents and carers have simply died away. The grandparent generation have to cope with their grandchildren in a world where the average lifespan for a man is 47 and a woman 52 and where feeding even one person is difficult.

Romayne at the orphanage.

Romayne built up a great relationship with the children at the New Beginnings orphanage, where the needs were enormous. These children had suffered abuse, been starved and heartbreakingly ill treated: left on the streets and the rubbish heaps to die.

There are some 70 children in the orphanage. Romayne is now sponsoring two of them: Ivan and Brenda. The work was rewarding and Romayne hopes to return to Uganda in 2013, DV.

This was Norman’s second visit so he renewed many old friendships.

Norman says that you never forget what you see there. The pain, the suffering and the hardship shines in stark contrast to a people so loving and so grateful for the small things in life.

Norman and Romayne were very fortunate to have been given money to take out to Uganda. Generous friends and family donated £2000 and they gave it to the school and the orphanage as well as buying clothes, sweets, balloons, toys ands blankets. Other team members also brought large amounts of cash that they divided out to where the need was the greatest.

Romayne desperately misses the children and is finding it hard to settle. Please pray for her, Norman and all the team members and also for the people in Nakansangola.

A powerpoint presentation is being prepared and will be shown in church – it has already had its Premiere at the Men’s Breakfast.

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